Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital is a state-of-the art hospital located in Vaughan, Ontario.  The hospital will include services for emergency treatment, surgery, advanced diagnostic imaging, obstetrics, pediatrics, and mental health.  The 1.2 million square foot facility broke ground in October 2016, but the design process began in 2015.  The project was developed under Infrastructure Ontario’s Alternative Financing and Procurement model and is expected to be complete in 2020.

During the design phase, Caneta provided the design team with timely evaluations of energy performance, specifically the energy cost needed for determining the net present value (NPV) of the project. These energy NPV optimization evaluations included electrical and architectural elements, but focused mainly on mechanical systems.   Caneta was ultimately responsible for determining the “Annual Energy Target” for the facility. During later design development, Caneta reviewed updated design documentation to determine if the design was on track to meet its energy targets.  After construction of the facility, the annual energy target, and its discrete components of natural gas and electrical, will be compared against the monitored performance of the facility to determine if the project is attaining its energy requirements.

Caneta Services

  • Energy use evaluations
  • Determination of energy target

Energy Performance

  • The project team is targeting LEED Silver
Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital