All Toronto residential (5 units or more) and non-residential buildings must meet Tier 1 of the Toronto Green Standard (TGS). Site plan approval is not granted until the TGS application is approved.  TGS Tiers 2 through 4 are voluntary but can lead to partial refunds of development charges.

Most non-residential and mid- to high-rise residential TGS applications will require energy modelling results. Caneta can guide you through the application process, do the necessary energy modelling, prepare the required energy modelling report, and provide advice on making your building more energy efficient.

Larger Toronto development projects may require the preparation of an energy strategy report. This report is developed at a very early stage in the project to identify possible energy conservation, demand reduction, low-carbon and energy resilience strategies. High-level building modelling is required. Caneta is well-prepared to guide you through this process, do the required energy modelling, and produce the report.