The West Park Healthcare Centre project includes the design and construction of a new hospital building to provide inpatient, outpatient, and outreach services.  The 730,000 ft2 building is located in Toronto, Ontario.  Infrastructure Ontario requested proposals for the design in 2017, and construction began in 2018.

During the design phase, Caneta conducted energy performance evaluations to inform the design team of their progress relative to energy targets.  Caneta was ultimately responsible for determining the “Discrete Energy Target(s)” for the facility and for determining the number of LEED v2009 points for the Optimize Energy Performance credit.  Caneta also evaluated the design against the energy requirements of the Toronto Green Standard.  After construction of the facility, the team is required to validate the monitored energy consumption against the energy target.

Caneta Services

  • Energy evaluations
  • Determination of energy target
  • Energy simulations for Optimized Energy Performance credit of LEED v2009
  • Assessment of energy use against Toronto Green Standard requirements

Energy Performance

  • The project is targetting LEED Silver (LEED v2009)
West Park Healthcare Centre