Save On Energy’s High Performance New Construction Program (HPNC) provides financial incentives to owners or developers of buildings who design and implement energy efficient equipment within their new space. Financial incentives are provided by the local electricity distribution company that serves the proposed building. To qualify, the projects must be located in Ontario, comply with the Ontario Building Code, and be intended for commercial, institutional, industrial or multi-residential occupancy.

There are two incentive paths: the Engineered Track and the Custom Track. The Engineered Track is for straight-forward installations of energy efficient lighting or unitary ACs are installed. This path does not require building modelling.

The Custom Track incentives are for unique or innovative energy efficiency measures beyond lighting and AC upgrades. The incentive amounts are calculated based on the incremental energy performance of the new building when compared to a base case building that just complies with the minimum requirements of the OBC. Approved building modelling software must be used to compare the energy usage of the participant’s new building to the base building in order to estimate the energy savings and potential incentives.

Caneta Energy can guide you through the application process, provide the necessary energy modelling/simulation and provide advice on making your building more energy efficient.  Contact us before the schematic design phase of your project because a preliminary energy simulation must be completed in the pre-tender phase of design.

We will work with the design team as the design progresses and prepare a final energy simulation based on the “for construction” design documents which will then be submitted to the HPNC Program.