We have extensive experience in the investigation of energy-related technologies used in buildings, the assessment of related markets and the execution of technology-specific surveys. Government departments, utilities, associations and industry have used the results of these studies for planning programs and future business development, developing technology transfer documents, and as inputs to regulatory activities. Some examples include:


  • Technical and economic assessment of engine-driven ice rink chiller
  • Technical and economic assessment of natural gas refrigeration in the food and beverage industry sector
  • Assessment of the technical and economic performance of desiccant dehumidifiers in ice rink applications
  • Development of an engineering model to investigate the technical potential for desiccant dehumidifiers instead of conventional direct expansion air-conditioning systems in supermarket applications


  • Study of the potential for a greenhouse gas initiative in which consumers are encouraged to switch from central air-conditioners to heat pumps (for NRCan)
  • Study of the potential for distributed generation in Canadian buildings (for NRCan, PWGSC, Union Gas Ltd.)
  • Assessment of the residential and commercial market potential for distributed generation in a major utilities franchise area
  • Study to examine the technical and economic potential for micro-turbines, fuel cells and packaged cogeneration equipment in Canadian buildings
  • Analysis of microturbine data from an office building site in the Toronto area and preparation of monthly reports
  • Participation on a technical review committee for the selection of the private sector partner for a cogeneration system at the new Peterborough Regional Hospital
  • Study through energy simulation using DOE 2.1 E of various envelope and HVAC measures to reduce energy use in multi-unit residential buildings (for CMHC)
  • Technical evaluation of gas cooling opportunities in the Union Gas Franchise area

Heat Pumps

  • Development of a computer model for a novel direct expansion ground-source heat pump to assist with prototype design
  • Investigation of the causes of failure of ground heat exchanger piping in a secondary school building
  • Development of a draft performance standard and screening tool for commercial size heat pump water heaters (for ACEEE)
  • Development of revised technical criteria for an air-source heat pump program for Aquila Networks and contractor training and technical audits of unit installations in their franchise area in British Columbia
  • Research project to investigate the technical options and economics of retrofitting ground-source heat pumps in a multi-unit residential building previously heated with electric baseboard heaters
  • Technical and market investigation of the Ice Kube integrated refrigeration and heating system as used in ice hockey arenas