Caneta has completed a number of projects in the refrigeration field. Our principal clients for these services have been Ontario Hydro, Canadian Standards Association, ASHRAE, Union Gas, Enbridge Gas Distribution, Environment Canada and Natural Resources Canada. These projects have included:

  • ┬áInvestigating CFC and HCFC refrigerant phase-out implications and alternatives for Environment Canada
  • Performing technical and economic assessments of natural gas industrial refrigeration savings potential for Consumers Gas (Enbridge) and Union Gas Limited.
  • Developing a number of draft performance standards for refrigeration equipment for CSA committee deliberations chaired by Caneta staff over the past 15 years.

For Natural Resources Canada, Caneta has:

  • Investigated the potential for regulating the energy efficiency of various commercial refrigeration equipment types.
  • Conducted market and economic analyses of energy efficient ice-makers, water coolers, supermarket display cases, and food service refrigeration equipment.
  • Selected ice-maker and commercial refrigeration units from the market and arranged for delivery of units for performance testing at Bodycote.