Caneta has been involved in over fifty Public-Private Partnership (P3) projects across Canada. For many projects, we provide services during both the RFP and construction stages.  For some projects, we also provide independent energy consultant services.

Our past PP3 projects have covered a variety of building/infrastructure types, including:

  • hospitals
  • courthouses
  • detention centres
  • light rail transit (LRT)
  • colleges
  • offices
  • schools
  • storage facilities
  • underground tunnels

During the RFP stage, we:

  • Develop an energy model to establish:
    • The Annual Energy Target (AET)
    • The Mandatory Energy Target (MET); and
    • Compliance with LEED EA Points
  • Determine mandatory energy criteria prescribed in RFP and drive design toward achieving energy requirements
  • Provide feedback to design team on energy, cost, and NPV savings for design options
  • Develop all energy-related submittals¬† required for technical submission

We co-ordinate with the design team and evaluate design interactions to reduce the building energy consumption and optimize the energy net present value (NPV) of the project. We have an in-depth understanding of RFP energy requirements and have developed numerous strategies to improve energy net present value (NPV) while ensuring compliance with the RFP. We understand the importance of reducing building energy consumption while ensuring that the energy cost savings offsets the potential increase in capital and incurred facility maintenance costs over the life cycle of the building. We also work with the design team to determine the appropriate level of contingency to include in the Guaranteed Energy Target.

After the project has been won, we:

  • Ensure AET, MET and LEED requirements continue to be met throughout design development stage
  • Determine where potential energy overage will occur and provide direction to design team to mitigate energy overrun via design changes

We also provide feedback on potential design variations issued by the Authority and determine their impact on the Guaranteed Energy Target.

For some projects, after substantial completion, we have an Independent Energy Consultant role, working on behalf of both Project Company and the Authority to:

  • Perform Measurement and Verification (M&V)
  • Further optimize building operation to ensure actual building metered energy does not exceed Annual Energy Target
  • Determine any Gainshare/Painshare payments.

Caneta also provides LEED energy modelling services for P3 projects.

Please contact Brian Crossman for further details on the services Caneta can provide for your P3 project.