Caneta has extensive experience monitoring HVAC, refrigeration and hot water systems.  In conjunction with monitoring, we provide additional services such as promotional material and software development to optimize the amount of useful information a client obtains from monitoring projects.

Past monitoring projects include:

Monitoring of hot water consumption in multi-family building.  We monitored hot water consumption in 3 dormitories, 3 hotels/motels, and 5 long-term care/retirement Ontario residences.  We were responsible for participant recruitment, contractor engagement, monitoring equipment selection, scheduling, and data assessment.  The monitoring was conducted between July and October 2011 for two weeks at each site.  Typically one showerhead and one bathroom faucet were monitored at each site: The first week of monitoring was conducted with the existing fixtures in place.  The second week of monitoring swapped out the existing fixtures for low flow fixtures.   The data was used to quantify hot water savings from low flow fixtures.

Monitoring of household hot water consumption. In conjunction with partners in government and utilities, we conducted a residential hot water use field study.  We were responsible for participant recruitment, contractor engagement, scheduling, and data assessment.  We installed monitoring equipment in 36 households in greater Hamilton, London, and Sudbury, and analyzed the data in order to develop accurate draw patterns and hot water volumes.

Monitoring of residential air conditioners. We monitored 25 residential air conditioners in the Greater Toronto Area to demonstrate real-world potential peak demand reduction using available air conditioning technology and good selection and installation practices.  We were responsible for participant recruitment, contractor engagement, monitoring equipment selection, scheduling, and data assessment.  Prior to installation, we procured and tested the monitoring equipment in order to ensure its accuracy and in order to troubleshoot the remote (web based) data retrieval process.   AC unit power, furnace fan power and total household power were  recorded at one-minute intervals during summer months.   Furnace, AC unit, and indoor coil model numbers were recorded in order to retrieve manufacturer rated performance for comparison against real world performance.

Monitoring of a desiccant dehumidifier for an indoor ice arena. We designed and installed a monitoring system in a Toronto area ice rink to record the indoor conditions, dehumidifier energy and refrigeration compressor energy consumption before and after the installation of a new desiccant dehumidifier. The desiccant system replaced existing electric vapour compression dehumidifiers in two of the arena’s four ice rinks. We monitored the building and the systems on a regular basis and provided feedback to the client equipment manufacturer to allow them to optimize the control strategy of the new system. The collected data was used to determine the energy savings, produce equipment fact sheets and to develop simple algorithms used in a software tool to evaluate the potential savings from desiccant dehumidifiers in arenas.

Monitoring of three pool solar heating systems. We designed or installed monitoring systems for three residential pool solar systems across Canada. The systems were monitored remotely on an ongoing basis from Caneta’s office. This allowed for the identification of any operation problems in a timely manner to minimize the amount of lost data. The collected data was used by the client and Caneta’s engineers to validate and identify inaccuracies in the solar pool program Enerpool.

Monitoring of residential gas-fired heat pump. We developed a monitoring system specification for an engine-driven heat pump in a single-family home located in south-western Ontario. The monitoring system recorded, among other important information, the supply and return air temperatures and gas consumption. This allowed for the calculation of daily COPs for both heating and cooling and allowed the manufacturer to confirm the benefits of their new system.