Caneta Research Inc. is a developer of special-application energy system software for the building industry. Caneta staff have successfully developed attractive, user-friendly packages that meet the needs of designers, utility representatives, facility operators and public sector initiatives in the HVAC field. These packages consist of sizing, screening, sales support and pre-feasibility assessment tools. Caneta also develops algorithms for incorporation in existing programs and provides clients with a range of software support, validation and assessment services. (creative: screen shot of software)

Examples of our work include the following:

GS2000 – models the soil/system heat exchange for a wide range of user-selected conditions and geometries to accurately size the ground heat exchanger in GSHP systems -independently validated by Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

HVAC Advisor – developed for Natural Resources Canada; was a tool for contractors to calculate heating and cooling costs of air conditioners, heat pumps and furnaces and to advise homeowners of the savings available from the purchase of high efficiency equipment.

Arena Dehumidification Screening Tool – originally developed for Union Gas and Enbridge Consumers Gas, determines the costs (both capital and operating) associated with desiccant and conventional dehumidifiers in ice arenas to illustrate cost savings to owners.

MURB Retrofit Advisor – developed for Hydro One (formerly Ontario Hydro); estimates the economic opportunity for packaged terminal, through-the-wall or mini-split heat pump retrofits of multi-unit residential buildings with baseboard electric resistance heating and through-the-wall air-conditioners.